Trex Donation Request For Non-Profit Charity

We support non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing educational and environmental initiatives as well as programs that make a positive impact in the lives of children. We provide assistance to select charitable organizations that meet these criteria through donations as well as through in-park events.

Due to the large number of donation requests we receive every year, Trex tries hard to assist our community as best we can. We wish we could support each one that comes to our attention because there is an overwhelming need in each request we receive.

All donation and contribution requests will be reviewed and processed by our Donations and Contributions Committee. Requests submitted for Trex furniture will not be approved due to a licensing agreement with our manufacturing partner. Requests for Trex material at a discounted rate will not be approved due to agreements with our distributors/Big Box partners.

In order to have your request considered by the Donations and Contributions Committee, the following information per the form is required. If your request is approved, a current year W-9, name, phone number and email address will be required.

Name of Requestor*
Tax ID
Street Address*
State/Zip Code*
Phone Number*
Email Address*
Name of Employee
Detailed donation information*
Monetary Amount Requested
Materials Requested
Date of Event*